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Epiphany Cafe, Tuscaloosa AL

June 15, 2011


If you live near Tuscaloosa or plan on visiting, I think you might really enjoy checking out the menu at Epiphany Cafe. It is our favorite restaurant in town. Yes, it is a bit pricier than many everyday restaurants, and for that reason my husband and I used to feel like it wasn’t our kind of place. However, we quickly decided that we’d prefer to have one meal at Epiphany a month instead of eating out 3 – 5 times at other places. It is just that good.

What makes it so special? First and most exciting: the inventive flavor combinations. The menu changes frequently and you never know what new things you are going to find. My husband has had a piece of pork there cooked in a root beer reduction. There is regularly lavender creme brulee. We’ve also seen a dessert with bacon and sweet cornmeal cakes, I think with molasses ice cream. Whatever they’re serving up, my tastebuds are always excited about the fresh flavors and I am always inspired by the creativity and break from the everyday eating at home rut.

I also love that Epiphany uses lots of local and seasonal produce. And they seem to always have a veggie plate on the entree menu (even if sometimes it does have bits of meat in some of the components- in the South that really not unusual at all, so I have learned to pick around them when I need to!) and several high quality vegetables to choose from as sides and appetizers. Usually I am so excited about the impressive selection of appetizers and sides that I just order two or three of those as my meal.

When my husband and I went a couple of weeks ago, it may have been our best experience there yet. To start, David had a salad featuring watermelon, local basil, feta cheese, and black pepper. Mine had green apples, seaweed, radishes, lettuce, and miso vinaigrette. I almost died of happiness when I saw seaweed on the menu! I love it, but of course it is not the kind of thing you find everywhere here in Tuscaloosa.


Everything in the veggie plate entree looked good to me that day, so I ordered it: brussel sprout and rutabaga hash, baby leeks, spring garlic soup, creamed corn, and collard greens, served in sweet white tea cups! My husband had salmon with spring vegetables, miso glaze, and shaved apples. Some other interesting combinations on the menu were a bacon and potato cake, leek and mushroom ragu, and a crab BLT with miso aioli.

We didn’t have room for dessert, which was unfortunate because the key lime pie with pomegranate reduction was still on the menu and it was fantastic the last time we had it. I am already eager to go back!

You can find Epiphany Cafe on the internet, or at 519 Greensboro Avenue in downtown Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (across the street and just a bit up from the Bama Theater). They have happy hour from 5 – 7pm, Monday through Thursday, when all appetizers are half price if you sit at the bar. Their phone number is 205.344.5583. Hope you like it as much as we do!

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