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3 Healthy Vegan “Ice Creams”

June 20, 2011

My sister-in-law made a beautiful (vegan) cake for her mom’s birthday, but the pecan “ice cream” recipe from the link below stole the show. If you like frozen desserts but are looking for a nutritious alternative, you might love this technique. It is genius: freeze banana slices, then whirl them in a food processor so they become a smooth, creamy, lightly flavored “ice cream.” You can then get creative adding flavors to the plain version. The “butter pecan” variation had a nice thick texture and pleasing not-too-sweet taste. It made a satisfying cake companion. We doubled the recipe and it still fit in our food processor.

You’ll find lovely pictures and the recipes at this link:  Vegan Ice Cream Without A Machine

For the picture above, I made the chocolate-peanut butter flavor from the website. It was delicious! Even despite the fact that I had made pesto the day before in my food processor and had to overlook a basil-garlic flavor on my scraping spatula. :) Perfect summer treat.

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