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June 28, 2011

We sought out a new restaurant in honor of my husband’s birthday last weekend. After scouring and coming up with an exciting list of places to try, we settled on a restaurant in Birmingham that serves Latin and American cuisine called Rojo.

It was on a picturesque tree-lined street in what seemed like a nice neighborhood near Mountain Brook. We loved the patio seating; it was roomy and shady, with overhead fans, quieter music than was inside, and nice views of a park across the street. Rojo has a very casual, cool vibe and the staff was friendly, helpful, flexible, and welcoming. The menu has a nice variety, including some unique items and lots of vegetarian-friendly options. We felt like we thisclose to calling it our new favorite place as we chose what to order.

We tried the pineapple salsa as an appetizer, and my husband ordered the grilled mahi mahi tacos with white salsa and a side of slaw.


I ordered the spinach burrito with guacamole instead of queso. Look at all that spinach! Mmm!

We left happy and satisfied. But also just a little bit… underwhelmed. By the looks of the menu and the descriptions, we imagined unusual flavors and fantastic combinations. Pineapple salsa! White salsa! (What even is white salsa?!) Would the slaw have a Latin twist?! But in the end, everything just tasted fine and pretty basic. Nothing really to write home about.

However, the place still had a great vibe, great staff, great location, and a great patio. It looked perfect for outdoor drinks in a relaxed atmosphere, or maybe a healthier alternative to what you’d find at run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurants. They also serve paella, which I am dying to try with the tofu chorizo sausage they say they can substitute for any meat on the menu. We weren’t in the mood for it last weekend, but will no doubt find a chance to try it sooner or later.

You can find Rojo on the web, or at 2921 Highland Ave. South; Birmingham AL 35205. The phone number is (205) 328-4733. They serve food from 11am to 10pm Tuesday – Sunday.

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AGG July 6, 2011 at 7:46 pm

It sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely lunch. How did David like the white salsa? Was it close to pico de gallo?


Sharon July 7, 2011 at 10:33 pm

You know, it was actually more sauce than salsa. Not bad, just not salsa. It was kind of like chicken finger sauce, the consistency of ranch dressing. Not what we imagined! I was thinking it might involve jicama or cucumbers or something! It was a nice casual place though; the tree-lined street, menu variety, and patio were great!


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