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Ruby Tuesday?

July 13, 2011

Yes, my friends. Ruby Tuesday.

I know it probably seems odd to post about Ruby Tuesday on a site like this, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it in case you are looking for relatively healthy options at chain restaurants. Have you seen the menu lately? It looks like they are making a bid for the vegetarian-friendly Olympics! We ended up there in my husband’s hometown with his parents the other weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised to see several enticing plant-based items.

Of course they have their salad bar, with edamame and sun-dried tomatoes among its offerings. They also have a “veggie trio” meal that lets you to create a plate from three side dishes. Choices include a number of “fit and trim” options like roasted spaghetti squash (!), mashed cauliflower, and sugar snap peas. A third interesting option, which my husband ordered, is the zucchini cake mini burgers on little buns. They had some feta cheese in them and a nice overall flavor.

But what really wowed me, what really almost made me fall off my chair onto the floor, was the spaghetti squash marinara dish on the pasta section of the menu. It was a big plate of squash (no pasta at all!) topped with tasty marinara sauce, bits of roasted red pepper, and a few tablespoons of parmesan cheese. (The cheese is not mentioned on the menu, so be sure to ask them to leave it off if you’d prefer not to have it.) It was like eating at home, but without having to cut a hot squash and scrape out all the slimy bits!

Now, we did not ask specifically what was technically vegan and what was not, but there were definitely some appetizing plant-based choices as well as helpful “fit and trim” designations, and I was a very happy diner. You may want to check out the Ruby Tuesday menu before your next meal out or on the road. It certainly exceeded my expectations!

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AGG July 13, 2011 at 5:01 pm

I’ll have to check to see if we have any Ruby Tuesday’s out here; they might be in a mall. The veggie options sound wonderful – but what do you do for protein? I would love to see more restaurants offering spaghetti squash; I would probably get it with chicken or shrimp for protein, but I’m not vegan or vegetarian.


Sharon August 2, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Glad you are as excited about the spaghetti squash as I am, AGG! Well, on that particular day at Ruby Tuesday, I had edamame from the salad bar for protein. But, to be completely honest, I personally don’t worry about getting a significant source of protein at every meal. After reading The China Study, I came away thinking that maybe we don’t need as much protein as we think we do, and that a varied, balanced plant-based diet naturally provides us with enough protein. Also, I don’t seem to crave protein as much as some other people do. I don’t do heavy weight-lifting or extremely intense exercise, and I just try to eat beans at least once every day and use hemp seeds, peanut flour, nuts and nut butters, tofu and soy beans, and other things like that to make sure I have some protein every day (even if it is not evenly represented at each of my meals). I am not a nutritionist or dietician though! Those are just my personal thoughts on the subject at this moment! :) Thank you for reading and commenting!


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