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Healthy Snacks at DFW

July 30, 2011

In my recent travel tips post I mentioned that I aspire not to buy anything to eat in airports, and instead try to pack myself a nice variety of snacks from home to hold me over while I travel. But… we all know that sometimes we underestimate how hungry we’ll be, or the siren songs of airport food vendors remind us that lots of things sound or taste better than whatever we packed. So, if you find yourself, like I did, wandering around the Dallas-Fort Worth airport searching for just a little relatively healthy something, here are some hidden gems you might want to consider.

Of course you will see Starbucks all over the place. There are also Subways. The Au Bon Pains have delicious vegetarian soups, sandwiches, and these ingenious small, less-expensive snack-size boxes of things like hummus and cucumber slices. But my favorite places are the DFW TravelMarts, which look like convenience stores. I think they are spread throughout the terminals, but the one I visit most often is across from gates D24 and D25. (The D terminal is bright and sunny so I like to settle in there for my layovers when I can.) Look at all these above-average healthy options!

Naked brand juices and coconut water.

Skout trailbars, which are vegan and made solely of organic, relatively unprocessed ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, oats, vanilla, and chocolate.

Two kinds of packaged vegan cookies, from Alternative Baking Company and Lenny & Larry.

KIND Fruit and Nut bars.

And, little travel tins of Republic of Tea tea bags. (You can also get Republic of Tea bags from the Jazzman’s coffee stand in the D terminal.)

Oh, they also have bags of  Ghiradelli 60% cacao dark chocolate squares and Sun Chips.

Why Dallas, you ask? Because I think it is one of the better connection options for me when I fly westward out of Birmingham, so I end up spending a few hours there every time I go home to California. I very rarely run into weather trouble at DFW (knock on wood), and they have this clean, fast, easy train to take you between terminals if you don’t have time to walk. Plus it breaks up my cross-country flight at close to the halfway point.

I don’t know about you, but those are much healthier options than I typically find in airports, and I am thrilled to know that they’re available. Hope this post can save you some time or aimless walking if you one day find yourself hungry in DFW!

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