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Bachelorette Party Favors & Trivia Game

August 4, 2011

It’s still hard to believe that my younger sister is getting married. (What? She is not permanently 13?) But, despite my older sister disbelief, her wedding day is getting closer and closer. A few of her friends and I threw her a bachelorette party last weekend, and I thought I’d share the favors and game with you in case you’re looking for something along these lines.

If you google “bachelorette favors,” you end up with a lot of un-classy options, which is not what we wanted. Thank goodness for Have you been there? It is a fantastic site where individuals set up “shops” to sell handmade and vintage items. The only problem with it is that there is soooooo much to explore. It can be overwhelming! Luckily they make it seem a little smaller by allowing you to save your own favorite items and shops, as well as see other people’s favorites.

Obviously you could really go to town stuffing makeup bags with adorable fillers, but we were trying to stay budget-friendly because we expected costs for the weekend to add up quickly. We needed a favor for everyone, more special favors to turn the makeup pouches into “bride bags” for my sister and her future sister-in-law (whose wedding is also coming up soon), and extra favors for an awesome trivia game all about my sister that one of her friends created. Here’s what we settled on:

For every attendee: makeup bags in a cool pattern full of my sister’s favorite colors, from the shop Chok Dee. We also considered a few similar pouches and clutches from Kelly’s Keepsakes. If you want to order from Chok Dee, try to do it early- they ship from Thailand!

I bought adorable tags to tie onto each bag with ribbon from Paper Dozen. I love some of the options at Michelle Jeffrey Cards as well.

For the bride bags, we got bottle opener key chains from the bebesniklefritz Etsy shop, and chocolate bars with bacon in them from Whole Foods. The chocolate bars were a hint about a place we planned on eating: Paddylong’s Beer and Bacon Pub at 1028 W. Diversey in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. (773) 290-6988. We didn’t actually make it there (you know how even the best laid plans can change when 8 girls are bee-bopping around a big city), but my husband says the bacon-wrapped dates are to-die-for, and the menu surprisingly has several vegetarian options that look appealing.

We bought four other items to be part of the bride bags and act as prizes for the trivia game.

I stuffed the makeup pouches and tied on the ribbon and tags, and we put all the game prizes in a small gift bag to carry with us from place to place that day.

The trivia game was a really fun part of the weekend, and a brilliant way to involve people who couldn’t attend the party in person. My sister’s friend Steph emailed my sister’s family and friends asking them to submit questions about my sister and her fiance, as well as photographs of them from different parts of their lives. She arranged the questions into 5 categories, and assigned points to each question. The categories were My Sister, Her Fiance, My Sister’s Family, and Sharks (because my sister loves Shark Week on the Discovery Channel). The last category was “Life in Pictures,” which meant the contestant had to answer a question that had to do with a specific picture of my sister.

Steph then randomly chose one question in each category to be a “wild card,” which meant that if you got it right, you got a prize and double the points. If you got it wrong, you had to wear a costume item (stick-on mustache, funny hat, feather boa, star-shaped sunglasses, etc.) Every person had one “lifeline,” meaning that if you didn’t know the answer you could call up someone you thought would know it. Steph wrote the questions on really cute patterned cardstock cards that were probably 5×7 inches, and glued a photo on the front of each one (even if the question wasn’t in the “Life in Pictures” category). My sister got to take all the cards home with her as a gift. It turned out great, and was a wonderful way to make all my sister’s loved ones feel connected the the party, even if they couldn’t attend! I would definitely do something similar again if I was throwing a bachelorette party for a dear friend.

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