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Personalized, Inexpensive Housewarming or Wedding Gift

August 10, 2011

Have you been to Vistaprint? It is my favorite destination for return address labels, business cards, custom postcards, announcements, mailing labels, and casual invitations. I even almost used it for our wedding invitations and response postcards. Yes, that is how much I like it.

One of the best parts about the site is that they have an “advanced editing” option that allows you to change the fonts and colors and move design elements around. The customer service people on the phone are friendly and happy to help you get things the way you want them.

Another great feature is that you never have to pay full price for most basic items; if you put your email address into their system, you’ll get an email almost everyday offering deep discounts on many popular products. Some are even free, you just pay shipping. For example, I just ordered 250 of their “premium” business cards (regularly $19.99) for $5.67 total. At that rate I could order a new design every year! Or, every time my fax number changes!

I use the site most often for return address labels. They have numerous attractive, modern designs and 105 fonts, and you can browse by style, color, or business/industry. I buy them for myself, of course, but also for friends as personalized, inexpensive housewarming or wedding gifts. Once you apply the discounts from the emails, they usually come out to $2 – $4 for a set of 140, including shipping. I also use the return address label templates to make stickers that I use at work to label my books and supplies with my name and email address, or identify groups of books that are lent out to coworkers but need to be kept together and returned as a set.

The possibilities for home and work are really endless. Plus, it is easy to browse: if you set up an account, you can bookmark your favorite designs so you can find them later and save all the designs you work on or order. If you have the time and inclination, hop over there and browse a bit; I bet you’ll find something that catches your eye or fills a need in your business or personal life!

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