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Lightweight, Pretty Robes

September 21, 2011

[Post updated April 28, 2012. See below for a current find!]

Lately, out of nowhere, I have really been wanting a lightweight, short, pretty robe. I have a couple of thick bathrobes, but during most of the year here in Alabama those are just too hot and bulky. I’ve never really been a “robe person,” but all of the sudden I got it in my head that a thin, feminine robe would be so nice to tie on over gowns and pajamas when I first roll out of bed. So I started poking around the internet to see what I could find. Here are the options I was most enthusiastic about, in case you are in the market for something similar.

Don’t tell my mom about this first one though! I ordered her one in bright, fun Eiffel Tower and polka-dot prints for her birthday. (I don’t think she will read this because she is a) very busy getting ready for my sister’s wedding at the moment, and b) not really a blog reader to begin with.) It is kimono-style, with wide, loose arms. I got myself one in these pretty pink and black patterns. I love the contrasting fabrics and colors, and the fact that it came packaged in this sweet ruffled pouch.

It’s from a store on Etsy called aupple aupple. I think their colors and patterns are stylish and cute, though the fabric is not as soft as I would ideally like it to be. Yes, at $85 it did bust my budget for the month, but that is what next month is for… getting back on track. :)

I had a gift card for Nordstrom, so I looked on their website and found this striped, hooded robe by Lauren Ralph Lauren on sale for about $45. It is fantastically soft and I like the feel and weight of the material, but I’m going to return it. I think the stripes are just too bold for me, and the pattern isn’t as feminine as I’d like it to be.

Here’s a solid-colored organic cotton robe with eyelet lace ($90) that I still have my eye on, for the next time I have room to splurge in my budget. I love the five colors you can choose from, and that you can specify either black or nude trim for two completely different looks. It’s from the sandmaidensleepwear shop on Etsy.

Lastly, I considered kimono-style garments ($80) from Underwrapz on Etsy, in both patterns and solid colors. I particularly liked the solid light blue and the green/pink and red/pink patterns.


*Update April 28, 2012* I came across this incredibly soft, simple short robe at Target last night for only $21.99, and immediately snatched one up in the sage green color. The fabric feels amazing, and the sleeves are not as bothersome as the kimono-style ones can be. The style is plain and classic, but the green is a great color for blue eyes, and the orangey coral is very bright and peppy. They also have black and gray. There is a tiny bit of special stitching along the edges to make the robe a bit more feminine and pretty, and it has a thoughtful loop for hanging and a couple of inner ties so you don’t have to constantly adjust and re-tie the belt. For about $20, I am very pleased!

Happy shopping… and lounging!

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