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Vegan Recipe Substitutions

October 1, 2011

I was hoping I could embed this “vegan baking cheat sheet” right into a post as a graphic because it is cute and well put-together, but it seems to only let me to link to it. Oh well. It’s from the PETA website and offers several substitutes for eggs and dairy products used in recipes. I appreciate the replacements for buttermilk and condensed milk especially, as well as their differentiating between eggs for leavening, binding, custards, and quiches. I haven’t tried any of these options yet, but am saving a copy of the pdf in my recipe folder.

If you are interested in even more ways to veganize, healthify, or remove allergens from “regular” recipes, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions is a thorough and very useful resource. It covers replacements for dairy, eggs, meat, honey, gelatin, gluten, soy, refined sugar, and fat. Also featured are a large number of recipes that showcase the substitution techniques, like tofu creme brulee, mushroom margarita fajitas, sweet potato bars, beer battered corndogs, and sesame fudge.  One of the authors is Celine Steen, the blogger behind the delicious, inventive Have Cake, Will Travel. I love having this book on my shelf and reach for it often, both for practical information and creative inspiration.

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