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Epiphany Cafe, Fall I

November 3, 2011

We had another outstanding meal at Epiphany Cafe the other night. We’ve had a number of delicious meals there, but this may have been the first one that made me consider going back again two days later to order the exact same items again before they rotated off the menu. (Yes, I know that is pretty unreasonable.) But you might suddenly become unreasonable too, if you tasted this polenta with goat cheese, collards, and molasses, or wilted bok choy and mustard greens with soy and ginger.

Believe me, the photo in the low light does not do those greens justice. They were so fresh and so perfectly cooked and seasoned. Just looking at them made me feel virtuous and full of vitamins.

Oh, the appetizer at the top of the page is the housemade brown sugar bread. It doesn’t really taste much like brown sugar to me, but it has a great, unique texture and pleasing flavor. Far superior to the typical bread basket offerings, in my humble opinion.

One of my favorite things about the Epiphany menu is the section dedicated to plant-based, vegetable-showcasing side dishes. It makes it easy to create a meal from exactly what I want, and (unlike most restaurants) I feel like I have options that are both delicious and nutritious. This is what keeps us coming back for more- the inventive flavor combinations, vegetable-friendliness, and fact that their “healthy” choices go way beyond a house salad.

For dessert there was Chilton County peach and olive oil shortcake with basil. (Again.) We figured we’d have one last fling with it before it rotated off the menu.

Unfortunately, we were too late to do the same with the cucumber mint julep, which we’d had several weeks back for the first time. It tasted like an alcoholic garden in a glass. Amazing. I don’t know how a drink can taste that planty and fantastic simultaneously, but it did. To say I’m not a big drinker would be a huge understatement (remind me to tell you the story of my sister and the egg nog sometime), but I gulped this one down happily.

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