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Digital “Scrapbook” of Quotes and Motivations

November 22, 2011


I’ve been mulling over ways to create a collection of motivational statements lately, something I could flip through easily on those days when I would rather curl up on the couch to watch the Food Network than work out. Not that I don’t believe everyone needs some of those days, just that I am prone to granting myself a very generous number of those days, and then regretting them instead of feeling relaxed and refreshed. Especially this time of year when it is easy to put fitness on the back burner behind big cozy sweaters and the busy-ness of the holidays!

Anyway, ideally, I wanted something more graphically pleasant than a plain old list, like a teeny tiny scrapbook I could carry with me. I considered small hand-written cards made from cute paper on a binder ring, but then realized that I could use the Red Stamp app on my iPhone to make a digital collection of phrases. I love that I can access it anytime and anywhere, and that I don’t have to carry something extra around in my purse. I’ve also liked having all my inspirations in one place, so none can be forgotten or fall to the back of my mind when I really need them. I think this could also work well for New Year’s resolutions or any other goals you’d like to have handy and formatted nicely.

In case you haven’t heard of Red Stamp, it is a cool app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you create snazzy digital “cards” that you can send in emails, in text messages, or by regular mail as printed postcards. You can also share them on Facebook or Twitter. (They are jpg files.) The app is free and has over 400 designs, some of which let you add photos, and most of which let you choose between several different color schemes. Many of the templates just have graphic elements, like the ones in this post, and could be used for any occasion. Others have messages like good luck, happy birthday, thank you, etc. There are some “premium” designs, that you can buy for a one-time fee of 99 cents, and then access freely in your account whenever you want to use them. There are plenty of cute free designs though- three out of the four in this post are free. I really like attractive graphic elements (I once considered being a graphic designer),  so I love that this app lets me create them myself with any words I want and then save them to be used in multiple places. Of course, you could also make your creations your iPhone wallpaper, or use them anywhere else photos or jpgs can be uploaded.

Here’s how you can make a motivational “scrapbook” or “album:”

1. Use any of the templates in the Red Stamp app to create a cute card of quotes, mantras, photos, or ideas that inspire you.

2. Get it exactly the way you like it, because you will not be able to edit it later. Then push “send,” and then “text message.” You’ll see an alert that says your card has been saved to your camera roll. When the blank text message comes up, just cancel out of that (unless you want to text it to anyone else). (If they change how this works in the future, just email it to yourself, then save the jpg to your camera roll from the email.)

3. Once you’ve made as many cards as you want, open up your photos folder. All your cards should be there, in your camera roll! I created an album called “Motivations” and added all my cards to it. So, when I want to view them, I just open up the album and flip through each one.

Hope you like this app and idea as much as I do! Happy designing!

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