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Grilling on the Patio

December 10, 2011

The other day I had a major dilemma. It was a (much-anticipated) day off work, so I was planning on going to the mid-morning yoga class I like. But, when I flipped on the TV and checked the guide, just to see if there was anything particularly intriguing, I noticed an episode of Good Eats about LENTILS at exactly the same time as the class! For normal people who either a) have a Tivo, b) know how to work their DVD recorders, or c) dislike lentils, this might not be any problem at all. But for me: a major conflict. I ended up deciding on the lentil show and a trip to the gym afterwards. I think I made the right choice. Alton Brown was, as always, pretty informative.

Last weekend it was still pretty mild here (something to love about the South), so we enjoyed one last day on the porch before winter truly arrives. Sometimes we like to bring our laptops, books, magazines, and yes, occasionally even TV for college football-watching out there and kind of set up for a while. David grilled asparagus, as well as an apple and pear for dessert. I am not in love with grilled fruit, but it does have a unique texture and warmth to it, and is nice for a change of pace.

I made Alton’s lentil salad from the show that beat out yoga, and used the leftovers for easy-to-pack lunches throughout the week. I love having some sort of grain or bean salad on hand to scoop into a Pyrex and take to work. Of course I left the bacon out of this recipe completely. It was alright- nothing really to write home about, but simple, straightforward, and a nice basic. The same episode included a recipe for lentil cookies. I’m not sure I’ll make time to try these anytime soon, but it sure is an interesting and potentially health-conscious concept.

I’ve been loving the organic heirloom lettuce salad tub that we’ve found at Whole Foods for the past several months, pictured in the salad above. I think it is by Earthbound Farms, but I may be wrong. (There is none still left in our fridge, so I cannot fact check.) The leaves are crisp and delicious, and I am excited to have another choice I like as much as my typical spinach or spring mix.

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