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Gift Ideas: Scarf, Boots, Pretty Yoga Mat

December 18, 2011

In case you’re still searching for those last-minute gifts, I thought I’d share a few more favorites, things I picked out for my list to Santa. Happy shopping!

This Hunter herringbone circle scarf from Nordstrom looks unique, warm, and stylish. I love the colors; it comes in white too. Nordstrom offers free shipping both ways, and I like their sleepwear and lingerie departments as well.

I never considered myself a “boot person” until I found these flat, knee-high, and very comfortable ones from Dillard’s. I like how they’re somewhat streamlined and not too bulky. I ordered a half-size up and they fit well.

I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots, but they are very popular down here. (Believe it or not, Alabama is one of the wettest states. We have lots of sunny days, but when it rains it tends to pour, and the inches add up quickly. Mobile and a large number of other Southern cities actually get more rain than Seattle.) There are lots of cute designs, but here are the ones I think I like best: black polka dots with blue and white striped accents, at Dillard’s.

Lastly, my friend Kim recommended this eco-friendly yoga equipment company, Jade. Their mats are made in the U.S. using natural rubber, and no PVC or ozone-depleting materials. Plus, they plant a tree for every mat purchased! I wasn’t thrilled with any of the typical yoga mat colors until I found this pretty teal. Then, much to my husband’s dismay, I walked up to our apartment the other day to find the UPS man standing at the door attempting to deliver it. Oops! Sorry, Santa!


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