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Gift Idea for Cold Weather: Ice Scraper Mitt

December 20, 2011

David and I exchanged gifts tonight (because I fly home to my family on Thursday morning) and look at this clever, unique surprise he found! I’ve never seen anything like it before. (Maybe that’s because I’ve lived more than 2/3 of my life in California and Alabama?) It’s a warm, down-filled cover for your hand, so that your fingers don’t get too cold while you scrape the ice off your car windows. My hand always gets cold so fast when I work on my windows!

It is available in several cute colors, comes with its own small ice scraper, is only $9.99 with any other purchase from Eddie Bauer, and will arrive by Christmas Eve if you order by noon on December 21. Just thought you might like to know in case you are frantically scouring the internet for those last few gifts on your list. :)

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