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Healthy Homemade Edible Gift Ideas

December 21, 2011

I love the idea of this whole grain chocolate “bark” from Sprouted Kitchen. I intended to have a picture or two to show you how they turned out in my apartment, but you know how the holidays are. You think you have time for everything and then realize that in fact your to-do list was very aspirational. :) Or, you intended to bring this to a gathering, but several other people already signed up for desserts and no one volunteered to contribute fruits or vegetables, so you take one for the team and the dark chocolate bark again goes unmade.

They look wonderful though, don’t they? Sara has such a brilliant way of making healthy food delicious, unique, simple, and creative. I love her suggestion of gifting a variety pack of a few different flavor combinations. The macadamias and hazelnuts in my pantry seem like great candidates for this recipe, and we always have dried cherries on hand because my husband likes them in salads with pecans. Yum. I am excited and can’t wait to try this.

I’m also drooling over this Christmas granola from Green Kitchen Stories. They have a gluten-free muesli recipe too, if you are interested, but it has a few more specialized ingredients. What lovely gift ideas! I can just picture them packaged up nicely with ribbons and canisters or boxes that are part of the present. Happy gifting!

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