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Gift Idea: Unique Stationery

August 15, 2012

Lately I’ve found myself ordering notecards both as a 30th birthday gift and as a “just because” present too charming to pass up. I thought I would share a few finds here, in case you are also looking for a unique, thoughtful, personalized gift for a friend, sister, hostess, colleague, aunt, mother, mother-in-law, teacher, bridesmaids, newlyweds, etc.

I happened upon Minted a few months back while browsing for nice, personalized stationery for a friend’s 30th birthday gift. I figure custom paper products make sense for that landmark birthday; it seems to me that a special set celebrates the “grown-up” person we’ve become and matches the chapter of our lives where we’re more accomplished and serious in career and personal matters. However, they are also small, useable, and easy to move, so they still fit into the chapter of our lives in which we’re relocating from city to city and biding our time in apartments smaller than our dream homes. :)

Minted’s newsprint flag banner thank you cards above are lovely, but unfortunately also expensive (25 cards for $76). Perhaps for a splurge, or as part of your wedding suite?

Also from Minted, I like these cheerful stripey airmail cards, stickers, and envelopes, available in five bold colors.

I saw these adorable “C’est la Vie!” notecards the other day and just had to snatch up a box for my Aunt Gay. She has used “C’est la vie” (translated as “Such is life”) in normal conversation for as long as I can remember.

When I was little, I thought she said “Say: la vie,” so I said “La vie!” (I was a very obedient child.) The next time Aunt Gay used the French phrase, I apparently responded with a pouty face, “No! I did that last time and everyone laughed at me!” You can see why I couldn’t resist sending them right away. (Her birthday is not for another four months. I have been known to buy and patiently hold great gift finds that long, but these were just too cute. And only a small start to repaying AG for all the local Hobee’s coffee cakes she mailed across the country to me in college.)

The “Anatomy of Love” cards, also from Rifle Paper Co., are pretty fun too, no?

The Wedding Paper Divas site has some beautiful (and again fairly expensive) gift stationery options, from this stunning textured bouquet design to the chic modern paisley flat card below. Both are available in a few other colors too.

While planning our own wedding 4 years ago, I loved this paisley pattern and came very close to using it for shower invitations. I decided against it at the time in favor of a pink one with a wedding dress (because how often in your life do you get to use those designs, right?) but said to David, “I kind of want to print more than one wedding invitation, and order the smallest number the company offers of the extra ones. We won’t send them to anyone, we’ll just keep them for ourselves so we can look at them whenever we want and see our names on all these pretty options.” I know, who thinks that way?! I told you a couple of posts ago, I think graphic design may be the career that “got away” from me. And in all fairness, this was before the days of Pinterest, where you can look at all the pretty things you want without actually buying them. No, we didn’t order any extra invites just for fun- my practicality won out over my love of paper products.

I adore little bitty notes, so this set of six precious letterpress mini greeting cards from Bespoke Press in Australia caught my eye. They come sweetly packaged with a linen ribbon bow.

Lastly, Bespoke Press also offers a five-pack of envelopes made from maps with cute scalloped flaps, perfect for the globe-trotters, adventurers, and armchair travelers you know.

Hope you enjoyed the pretties! If you like snail mail and paper goods as much as I do, you’ll find my current favorites on my Mail/Paper/Stationery and Invitations/Announcements boards on Pinterest.

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