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Water Bottles: Big, Cute, Non-Plastic

September 29, 2012

This morning we walked our dog around campus like we do most home game Saturdays, and witnessed a cute snapshot of Southerness. We passed by the food trucks (mostly BBQ) that set up on the edge of the quad, and heard a older gentleman working there say to another couple “Can I help y’all?” Except it really sounded more like “Kelp, y’all?” My husband says people here tend to drop sounds, combine syllables, and drawl because the extreme heat and heavy humidity make it hard to muster much energy for anything, even annunciation. Whatever the reason, sometimes these defining moments of Southern speech and manners are charming.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a large, attractive, metal or glass water bottle or tumbler for months! I wanted it to be big (at least 32 oz.) and somewhat stylish. I also preferred that it be made of a material other than plastic. I know there are lots of BPA-free bottles out there, but ever since hearing this NPR story, I’ve been trying to choose glass, metal, or other non-plastic food packaging whenever possible.

Luckily the other day, my sister-in-law told me about, a website full of all kinds of “green” products for you and your home. And there I found not one, but two water bottles to try! They haven’t arrived yet so I cannot truly vouch for them, but I am really excited to get the mail on Tuesday.

First is a 32 oz. aluminum “Straight Up” model by Liberty Bottleworks. I love that it is American-made from recycled materials, and that a couple of reviewers said it should fit in my car cup-holder. (Fingers crossed they were talking about the 32 oz. one, not just the smaller 24 oz. size.) Liberty’s bottles are available in a huge range of colors and graphics, from subway maps to designs created by independent artists. Different sites (the company’s own site, Vine, Amazon, etc.) seem to stock different options. The bottle looks like it has a nice wide mouth, or is available in a pop-up sport top. My only reservation is that one reviewer said the inside of the bottle is painted. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that, but the Liberty website assures me their bottles are non-toxic and non-leaching, so I thought I would give it a chance.

And secondly, I’m excited about the stainless steel Innate Mega Fresco V2 because it is a whopping 40 oz. You can choose from a few different styles and colors of lids. I am hoping that amount of water will allow me to get through the whole school day without draining it dry, even if I skip the separate travel mug of tea that I usually bring!

Do you have a favorite large tumbler or water bottle? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Since it’s something I use daily, this is one area where I don’t mind upgrading every so often in the name of form or function! Happy hydrating, y’all.

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katie October 14, 2012 at 11:12 am

i have used soap dot com before and been happy with them.
i didn’t know about their sister site, vine.

my children are still using nalgene bottles for on-the-go drinking.
i’ve been wanting to get them a klean kantene, or something metal.
i will look on vine at their options.

the prices on vine, for the few things i looked at, actually look pretty decent.
thanks again, katie


granolagrits October 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Oh good, I hope those ideas are helpful! As a follow-up, I LOVE my Liberty Straight Up bottle. It does fit in my cup-holder and is a very pretty pink. I ordered a second one in green from the Liberty Bottleworks website because they had colors doesn’t. I like my silver bottle too, it is just bigger so not as convenient for cup-holders and carrying. Not sure if you like this idea for little ones, but my friend Kim really likes those Lifefactory glass bottles with the silicone dotted sleeves for her toddler son. They make a nice small size, and she says he has never broken one! Glass would make me nervous with kids, but I guess maybe the rubbery sleeve and convenient see-through factors temper the risks? Happy searching! Good luck!


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