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Shop Swap Box

December 15, 2012

Back in October, Danni over at Oh, Hello Friend organized a shop swap. Which was (drum roll, please)… a grown-up package exchange! I am the kind of person who gets really excited about opportunities to send and receive gifts with pretty wrapping and special touches. One box I still remember mailing is the 1998 leopard-print-themed care package I sent to a friend who went to college the year before I did, featuring an oversized, Friends-style, leopard-print latte mug. Trust me, it was a really great college care package.

Anyway, the 100 people who signed up for the exchange were paired up by shop aesthetics, and then everyone sent a box of items to their partner. I was matched with Meghan, a fellow Southern girl with an Etsy business, The Go Girl Shoppe. Look at her typographic prints on dictionary pages, and rustic yet chic burlap-covered wooden signs! Cute.

I don’t know if y’all enjoy pretty packaging as much as I do, but I thought I would share some pictures of the box I mailed to Meghan in case you’re interested. Of course, I started by packing a few of both the letterpress greeting cards in our Etsy shop. I packaged the blue ones in a polka dot kraft paper bag from Cute Tape, sealed with blue houndstooth washi tape from Hobby Lobby, and tied with gold glitter bakers’ twine from Knot & Bow. The blue and coral tag is from Paper Dozen. I stuck a few of my business cards underneath the twine.

Next I added this adorable small, kraft paper polka dot envelope from Martha Stewart Crafts. Inside was a note to Meghan on one of the scalloped pink cards that came with the envelopes, and also a few of the Moo minicards I use as packaging inserts for my Etsy orders.

I included some aqua and ivory paper straws, also from Cute Tape, and tied them together with ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I love their ribbon.

Next, I lined the right side of the box with four thick wooden “teeny tags” from Bluedogz Design. Bluedogz is about to go out of business, but will always have a special place in my heart because David and I used one of their “mini ribbon” boxes to hold the rings in our wedding.

Finally, I added a “big button box” also from Bluedogz, and stuck a cute brown linen rosette that I found at Hobby Lobby underneath the ribbon.

I wrapped the whole box in kraft wrapping paper (from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby) before I stuck on labels with Meghan’s address and my return address. I like covering plain cardboard mailing boxes in wrapping paper. I always use clear packing tape to give the corners and seams extra durability, but over a number of years I’ve never had any problems with paper ripping or the post office not accepting my boxes.

And that was it!

Meghan said that when she received the box and saw what was in it, she called her mom to tell her about it. That is a pretty high compliment, calling the mom! I am thrilled that she liked everything and look forward to seeing the surprises she sends to my doorstep.

And I love that Danni puts together events like this; what a neat way to connect with other people who love pretty things all over the world. I hope to participate again in the future.

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