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Quick, Easy, Small Gift Idea

December 16, 2012

I hope I’m not posting this too late for those of you looking for an easy, inexpensive, small party favor or Christmas gift for teachers, co-workers, a group of friends, acquaintances, etc. It was only Friday that I finally got all mine ready for the lovely parent volunteers who help me at work! These are holiday-themed, but you could easily choose cupcake liners and coordinating scrapbook paper and recipes for a different season or any time of year.

They are essentially the same idea as the Halloween gift for bakers I shared with you, but this time I put the items in gift bags and added a decorative scrapbook paper note. I kept them pretty simple since I had to make a large number and it is such a busy time of year, but you could easily dress them up more with ribbon, tags, washi tape, a nicer paper gift bag with handles, a small kitchen tool, or those little fluffy, colorful strips of paper you use to cushion breakables in boxes.

I formatted a few cupcake and muffin recipes nicely in Word, then copied them on red and white paper. If you want me to email you my pages so you don’t have to format them, I’d be happy to. Just leave me a note in the comments section, or email me using the green email leaf in the right sidebar with the other icons.

I purchased a few sheets of scrapbook paper and clear plastic “treat sacks” at Michael’s. I also got one package of paper cupcake liners for each volunteer. Hobby Lobby had their Christmas ones on sale for $1 this past week, and Michael’s had a bunch of Christmas ones for $2 each. There are some really adorable, fancier ones at Shop Sweet Lulu if you have time to order them online.

I cut the scrapbook paper into 4 x 6-inch rectangles. I typed up a little thank you note, and printed it on 2 x 4-inch white labels. Then I stuck the note labels onto the scrapbook paper rectangles.

Into each gift bag, I put a set of recipe pages, a scrapbook paper note, and a package of cupcake liners. I folded down the back of the bag, and sealed it with smaller labels printed with each volunteer’s name. And that was it! They came together pretty quickly once I had all the supplies bought and ready to go.

The width and depth of my treat sacks (4 inches by 2 inches) worked just fine for this little project. But, one warning: you may want to look for some longer treat sacks, to leave you room to tie the top with a ribbon. My red paper looked really nice when I folded it into thirds so you could see some of it above the scrapbook paper note, but then there was no room left to seal the bags (even though the treat sacks were supposed to be 9.5 inches tall. Ha!) I ended up folding my recipe pages into fourths, folding the tops of the bags down as neatly as I could, and sealing them with the name label.

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