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Gift Idea for the Hard-to-Buy-For or the Last Minute

December 19, 2012

Y’all, if I had known about this site earlier, I could have saved myself a lot of agony over choosing the “right” gift over the years! Seriously, I might have added years to my lifetime!

My thoughtful, card-sending friend Jen just told me about Wantful. It is absolutely perfect for:

  • gift givers who have a hard time deciding what to buy or get anxious about picking something their recipients will truly like
  • gift recipients who are hard to buy for, because they are either picky or already have everything
  • getting a last-minute gift that looks classy, impressive, and thoughtful instead of last-minute

Not to mention that Wantful’s website itself is also refreshing this time of year, in that it’s organized, uncluttered, clean, peaceful, and unintimidating.

Here’s how it works. You poke around the website, browsing gifts arranged by category, price, and intended recipient. You choose a dozen gifts that you think your recipient might like. Wantful then creates a signature gift book (either wrapped in sophisticated Japanese rice paper or delivered through email) presenting your 12 selections to your friend or family member. They log on to the site, choose the item they like the best, and have it shipped to them.

Voila! No running from store to store on Christmas Eve looking for that special, unique something, and much less chance that your gift will end up stashed in a closet, never to see the light of day.

I was impressed with the wide variety of unique items, as well as the price points available: $30, $50, $75, $100 and several more up to $500. And I loved the simple, streamlined layout of the site. It was easy to see all the gifts in a category at once, and there was nothing blinking, popping up, or requiring lots of clicks back and forth. Wantful truly seems to be revolutionizing gift-giving, at least for us anxious and choosy types.

Hopefully this is helpful with your last-minute shopping, or those hard-to-buy-for people on your gift lists? I’m truly excited that finding appealing and unique gifts may be evolving into a more peaceful, efficient, and pleasing process for everyone involved!

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