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March Quote Exchange

March 16, 2013

Hello! I hope I haven’t left you lonely lately. We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to California last weekend to begin our house-hunting and moving preparations, so around here it has been a whirlwind of clicking through home pictures online, packing, unpacking, emailing our realtor, overanalyzing, discussing, financial documents, sleepless nights, prematurely picking out paint swatches at Home Depot, and scouring the internet for flight deals. It is all very exciting! And, of course, a bit overwhelming.

So, I am happy to have a few quiet moments and finally be able to share the March quotes from my and Katie’s monthly exchange. Katie chose these words about fear from Georgia O’Keeffe, which feel exactly right for this new chapter of life characterized by big decisions, changes, hopes, bravery, and risks. It is not easy to grab life by the horns, especially when you are used to playing it safe! But I’m trying to view the fear as a necessary part of the process instead of letting it paralyze me.

Can you see the layers, rich brown paint, and stitching? I also love the use of the torn book page on the back as a label. What a lovely touch.

I’d intended the quote I sent Katie to look like a stage with tulle pink “curtains” open on each side, but I couldn’t get the curtains to sit right. I ended up tying the tulle around the card instead.

I’ve always liked this quirky quote from George Bernard Shaw, a reassuring reminder that our weaknesses and “baggage” can often become part of the most unique, charismatic, deep parts of our personalities. We can embrace them and make them come alive rather than burying or hiding them.

Do you have any favorite inspiring or encouraging quotes, or any insights on the fear that comes with big changes?

I hope y’all are having a good weekend, and that you’ll enjoy a festive St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

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katie March 29, 2013 at 7:38 am

what a sweet post. i love exchanging quotes with you.
your details are always so thoughtful and unique.
love to you.


granolagrits April 5, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I remain so, so thankful that you started this exchange! As of about April 3, I had TWO quotes pinned to one of my secret Pinterest boards with you in mind, both making me feel like May couldn’t get here soon enough. :) Glad you like the details as much as I like yours. Love to you too, friend!


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