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Pick Your Plum

April 13, 2013

I thought about keeping this fun little secret all to myself, but then I realized that if it made some of you as happy as it makes me, it would be worth sharing.

Have you seen Pick Your Plum yet? It is a daily email (Monday – Friday at 7am MST) featuring a cute, crafty item that is usually about 65% off. The item is only on sale that one day.

Normally I don’t like those kinds of daily deal websites because many of them don’t allow returns and I hate that time-sensitive buying pressure! But, I have found several cute things on here so far: pretty and inexpensive washi tape, kraft paper tags, adorable beach bags, etc. The prices seem like bargains to me most of the time (although they do charge for shipping). If something doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, Pick Your Plum allows returns within 30 days (hooray!) although you have to pay return shipping.

So, maybe you’ll want to check it out? Not everything is my taste, but I’ve honestly been surprised how much is. I get tired of most of the daily emails that pop up in my inbox, but this is one I am still looking forward to each morning! Happy shopping. And happy weekend too!

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