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April Quote Exchange

April 22, 2013

I’m excited to share April’s quote exchange with you. It was a fun one with some new and different twists.

I finally used some of the rubber stamps I collected throughout my childhood, and one of these adorable tiny brown paper bags that I love. One lucky day, a parent at school happened to give me a bunch for a paper bag puppet activity, but the bags were a bit too small even for kindergarten-sized hands. Now they are one of my favorite crafty packaging options.

I got the K button at Paperwhite, a cute stationery store I stumbled into on the streets of downtown Petaluma, CA. When I first met my friend Katie, she was wearing some cute pins on her jacket, so it reminded me of her style. The tiny chevron paper bag, chevron washi tape, and “happy thoughts” tag were recent finds at Michael’s. The quote slid inside the little blue and white sleeve first, then inside the kraft paper bag.

The quote is from a book I really enjoyed, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. I posted more of my favorite passages here. The book is a fantastic and inspiring one, basically about living happily and authentically instead of under constant stress, fear, and insecurity.

Katie branched out this month too- she made me a small journal instead of a quote on paper!

Here is the back, decorated with paint, a bookpage, and a monogram letter that I assume is stenciled.

So crafty and artistic, with that special handmade flair. I will love using it to jot down those fleeting thoughts and inspirations that I don’t want to forget! Maybe I will also use it partly as a gratitude journal. I plan to carry it in my purse.

Thank you, Katie! And happy April, everyone. Enjoy the showers or the spring flowers, or whatever this month brings in your neck of the woods.

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