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May Quote Exchange

May 10, 2013

It is time to reveal the May Quote Exchange!

Look how beautiful Katie’s is. I am a person who loves to be near water, so I really like that seashell made from a book page. Such a neat, artistic idea. And of course the possibility of living with intention instead of by habit is thought-provoking. A helpful mantra I’ll try to keep in the back of my mind.

The quote I chose for Katie is from one of my favorite blogs and my #1 go-to greeting card shop, Curly Girl Design. Leigh creates the most thoughtful, perfectly worded, beautifully and uniquely illustrated cards. So often when browsing her site, I think “That is exactly what I wanted to say!” I have this one hanging up in my office. I have this one in a frame. I was going to tell you which ones I give to others most frequently, but that would take the whole blog post. So have fun clicking through them yourself. I think you’ll find the site inspiring and sweet.

The shop makes me even happier because whenever I purchase, the cards arrive promptly with pretty decorations on the packet. Once when I ordered Christmas cards individually instead of choosing the less expensive boxed set, the Curly Girl folks were very kind and totally unconfused by my babbling; they helped me fix my mistake easily. Naturally I will purchase the real card for Katie when it is released, but I just loved the quote so much in Leigh’s sneak peek post that I wanted to create something with it and let it be the next one I shared with Katie.

I wrote on a large white hang tag that I bought in a pack at Hobby Lobby. That’s where the blue and white ribbon is from too. I tied on these cute little silver feather (or leaf) charms that I found on Etsy, and added a tiny kraft tag from a Pick Your Plum deal.

The blue shreds are tissue paper that I put through our shredder. It is a different texture for the shredder, but I was willing to risk a paper jam in the name of art! It seems to be working fine. And David didn’t say anything about all the soft blue bits going through the blades when he used it to shred half the papers we cleaned out of our desk when we packed it up… :)

I am gearing up for a weekend of packing, job-hunting, researching washers/dryers, and chatting with my mom for Mother’s Day. I hope y’all have a nice couple of springtime days too! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Especially my own special one! :)

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Shayla June 5, 2013 at 1:46 pm

I also love being close to the water, I love where I live but an ocean would make it a bit more enjoyable.
Hopefully you’ll add laLa Grace to your go to greeting card shops. :)


granolagrits June 14, 2013 at 8:32 am

Yes, there is just something about the water! Maybe because I am an Aquarius? Who knows. Whatever the attraction is, I am eager to be back closer to it. At least you have the Chesapeake Bay nearby! Or maybe I just have positive associations with that from my Counting Crows fandom? :)

YES, I am sure I will find go-to cards at laLa Grace! I like your lemon “I want to squeeze you” one, I have been thinking of that for my husband. I’ll have to hope on over there when life calms down a little- seems like lately there is only time for checking off to-do’s, not much time for exploring new things to discover and love!

I apologize for the delay in responding here! Have been trapped in our second bedroom with bubble wrap and packing tape most of the time lately… but sooner or later we HAVE to run out of stuff to pack, thank goodness! Thank you for your comment and for visiting!


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