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July Quote Exchange

August 12, 2013


Well y’all, we made it. We pulled into our driveway at the very end of June, after 7 days of navigating the country with our dog curled up in the back of our little SUV. Since then life has been a whirlwind of job interviews, errands, DMV visits, trips to home improvement stores, paint swatches, house and garden maintenance/troubleshooting, and researching things on the internet. We are thrilled to finally feel a bit more settled and like our to-do list is more manageable than the monster it felt like at the beginning.

We’ve both been blessed to find jobs. I have my first week under my belt as a Healthy Eating Specialist at one of the Whole Foods Markets in our area. I’m thrilled to be working with food, recipes, and wellness! David’s starts his accounting position today.

I have many other pictures and thoughts to share with you from the road trip and our first month in California, but for now I will leave you with a belated peek at our July Quote Exchange. Katie chose the Robert Frost words at the top of the post, which I find quite reassuring as the worrier and overanalyzer that I am.

I sent her this kraft paper bookmark, with a Paris map on one side and the Erica Jong quote on the other. (Please bear with me as a figure out the lighting and photo locations in our house! We haven’t actually bought a dining room or kitchen table yet, so…) I bought a pack of kraft bookmarks at Hobby Lobby, and got the digital map file on Etsy.

I’ll try to pop in again soon to share more with you! In the meantime we’ll keep at this task we call “settling in.” Hope you are having a lovely end of summer!

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